Welcome to the world of Finkenstein Studios. Pardon our appearance, but you’ve caught us with our pants down at the moment… fear not we have big plans in store, and we are house-trained (mostly). Let’s get down to business, first and foremost, I’d like to introduce our first comic strip, “Ninja and Pirate”.

Ninja and Pirate is a heartfelt and in-depth view into the metaphysical chaos that evolves from a clash of polar opposites. Or, it may just be the sociological study of a socioeconomic melting pot, a la Real World. Yet again, it may be something about a Pirate and a Ninja coming to grips with their feeling towards each other. Emotional, gripping, riveting… these are words that in all honesty probably having nothing to do with our comic.

Stay tuned, more great comics are on their way… enjoy and comment.


Gabriel Finkenstein